Commercial Locksmith Services

Does your business require more services than lock repairs, lock rekeying, and lock replacements for improved security? Are you concerned with the safety threats to your business? Your worries are over. Contact Mercer Island WA Locksmith, a commercial locksmith that will tighten up the security of your business. The primary duties of a locksmith involve unlocking doors, repairing locks, and duplicating keys. A commercial locksmith, however, offers more services to ensure the safety of confidential documents and other valuable items at the business location. Mercer Island WA Locksmith provides services to institutions such as schools, large retail shops, hospitals, restaurants, and other business entities in need of advanced security measures.
Commercial Locks

Commercial Locksmith Services Offered by Mercer Island Locksmith

Beyond a locksmith’s primary duties of repairing locks, lock rekeying, and key duplication, a commercial locksmith, provides other services that guarantee maximum security of your business premises and property. Check below for other services a commercial locksmith, Mercer Island WA Locksmith offers.
  1. Provision of Master Key System
It is essential to set up special security measures that will not be conspicuous to prevent unauthorized entry into certain areas in the business center. It is possible to trust some employees with some keys, but you need to restrict access to some areas for security reasons. The best way to do this is to make sure locks operate with a single key not only for convenience but also for safety purposes. Mercer Island WA Locksmith will provide your business with a master key system.
  1. Setting Up of Key Control
You cannot be assured of absolute key control until you have locks with advanced security features installed. Keys to regular locks are easily duplicated, but keys with restricted keyways can only be duplicated by the designated locksmith; therefore, the keys are protected from unauthorized duplication. Commercial locksmiths have specially made or customized keyways registered to them and their key blanks and patterns are not available to other locksmiths. Mercer Island WA Locksmith replaces the cylinders in your locks with the restricted keyway to ensure the perfect security of your premises.
  1. Setting Up of Security System
It is crucial to invite a commercial locksmith to the location of your business for a safety survey and installation of a security system. The security requirements of businesses are not the same; that is why the location must be visited before an adequate safety system can be determined. Mercer Island WA Locksmith will visit your business and suggest the best security system which could be one or more CCTV security camera systems, video surveillance, key fob systems, biometric locks with a fingerprint or retinal scanning, etc. You would be able to monitor the movement of people in and out of the business premises.

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